The best beer is brewed by Colorado breweries
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Welcome to Colorado Breweries

colorado-breweries-per-capitaFrom the country's most famous breweries to the local brewpub, you can find it all in the beautiful setting of the Rocky Mountains. There are so many Colorado breweries that Colorado has been nicknamed "The Napa Valley of beer". There are currently more Colorado breweries per capita than any other state in America. From pale ales to porters, Colorado breweries have something for everyone! Not only do Colorado breweries have something for everyone, many of the Colorado breweries have won awards for the craft beers they produce.

Colorado breweries go back many years and have quite a lot of history. Colorado's first brewery, Rocky Mountain Brewery, was created in the year 1859 and was founded by Solomon, Teacher and Co. And ever since then, Colorado's brewing community has been growing ever since. In 1959 the beer brewing community was revolutionized by Coors brewing Co. when they introduced the first aluminum can.

Colorado is also home to three beer festivals:

Great American Beer Festival
The Great American Beer Festival happens once a year in Colorado. It is by far the biggest domestic beer event within the U.S. The big event takes place each year during the month of September. The Great American Beer Festival attracts thousands of people to the Denver area for the beer tastings and entertainment. During the festival, there are hundreds of brew masters who all compete for an array of desired medals with more than 50 brew categories.

Colorado Brewers' Festival
Every June Colorado holds the Annual Colorado Brewers Festival. The event takes place in Fort Collins Colorado where guests to the event take part in music, delicious food, gaming, all types of entertainment and of course the guests all love the beer tasting!

Blues and Brews Festival
Another event that takes place every September in Colorado is the Annual Telluride Blues and Brews Festival. The event is all about music and great beer! The festival has some of the best traditional blues music. Not to mention it also has some of the best beers in the nation. When these two combinations come together, you know it's going to be a great time!